Functions of URL Shorterner

Have you ever heard about tiny url or tinyurl? You may have but you don’t really know what it’s all about. It’s a URL shortener that wil basically change the very long URL address – usually consisting of several hundreds characters – into shorter form. Of course having shorter URL will be very helpful since you won’t have to remember or type such long characters. 

The short URL existence has been around since 2002, but it’s becoming popular since the age of Twitter. There’re many benefits of shorter URL is able to provide for you.

• It’s easier to manage the links. With shorter URL, everything is certainly manageable and easier to implement. Of course the longer the URL, the more detailed the requirements will be. But with special URL shortener software, people are still able to find the required needs easily.

• It provides complete data as well as it can track data. With such program, people can still get live data, complete geographical map and location, and many more. It’s certainly handy and useful.
• It’s certainly easier when used in social networking and media. There’s no more hassle concerning overlong long characters anymore.

• It provides useful features for the users.  

• It’s great when used for sharing, due to the compact size.

I just found  a new URL Shortener service with tiny domain it have short url and without any ads maybe you can try this new url shortener.

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