Mechanism to Copy and Rip DVD to iTunes

It’s very common that people would like to back up their favorite movies, videos, or songs into their iPods or iPads or even iPhones, but everyone knows that the only way to do so is by transferring everything through the iTunes. Another problem is that iTunes doesn’t support any DVD format or files at all. That’s why people will need special software that allows them to rip, convert, copy, and transfer everything from the original DVD format into the iTunes formats so everything can be transferred into their precious gadgets. The basic principle is as simple as that. However, despite the many programs available for the ripping purpose, the ethic or practice about ripping out the original format so it can be turned to other formats is still controversial.

Some people agree with the basic understanding that it saves a lot of money, especially for them who aren’t fortunate enough to buy a certain movies or videos with various different types. Another argument also says that why should people but different formats for one single entity if they can convert it into different formats easily without having to spend any money at all? However, the contra groups say that the practice is a part of piracy and should be considered illegal. Nevertheless, the practice of ripping out DVD formats is quite common and almost everyone does it, so why should people bother? After all, it’s quite simple about how to rip DVD to iTunes. They can:
• Download the required software.
• Load the DVD and choose the right setiings. They should make the adjustments on the setting options, such as the types of device (iPods or iPhones), the quality of the images, etc.
• Click the Start button that will rip the whole DVD once they’ve set everything.
The process will take quite long time. Once it finishes, the result will be shown on the screen.

If the whole process of ripping out is done, the users can import DVD to iTunes. They only need to open the iTunes and the DVD folders, and then drag the DVD to the iTunes window. The program will automatically make a copy of the file. If they want to make sure that everything is ripped and copied properly, they can watch the file on the iTunes.

Finding the right program to copy DVD to iTunes isn’t very difficult, as long as people want to browse around for the right program. There’re lots of good and free programs available out there.

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